Who we are


The AMS Media Group is a dynamic international operating collective, offering specialized consultancy services at the crossroads of art, architecture, and design. AMS, short for A Million Shades, brings together a diverse array of full-service agencies, writers, artists, designers, media experts, trend scouts, and art and design advisors who all embrace our core values of Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access (IDEA). Within our close-knit community of experts, we deliver impactful and personalized arts-centric consultancy services, actively connecting with communities amidst the fast-changing cultural landscape.

  • Art and Design Consultancy

  • Trend Scouting

  • Digital Strategies

  • Press Relations

  • Multilingual Media Work

  • Cross-media Design

Haegue Yang; In The Cone Of Uncertainty; Nov, 2019 - Apr, 2020; The Bass; Miami Beach; Photo: AMS

Haegue Yang, In The Cone Of Uncertainty, The Bass; Miami Beach, Photo: AMS



We don’t see ourselves as classic consultants but rather as strategic companions. We are passionate about culture as a force for good and building relationships, because we care. Our companionships are at the intersection of art, architecture and design and include small to large institutions, galleries, artists, architects, brands and fairs around the globe.